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SeeTec 5

SeeTec 5

Netzwork-Based (IP) Video Surveillance with SeeTec 5

Professional video software for complex safety and security solutions. For any application, from the smallest with up to 5 cameras to the largest with more than 1000 cameras, and simultaneous operation control of most different components (for example existing cameras). SeeTec can be integrated in already existing system requirements, and it is more efficient and cost-effective than conventional video systems. Already existing, analog components can be integrated in the network technology. Integration and control of third-party systems is possible by using a variety of exsisting IP interfaces.



ProBox 5 max. 5 camera channels not expandable
ProBox 10 max. 10 camera channels not expandable
ProBox 15 max. 15 camera channels not expandable
Enterprise Edition 5 camera channels, optionally expandable to an unlimited number of channels.


  • User-defined recording time for each camera.
  • Alarm transmission provides fast reaction times.
  • Multi-monitor operation provides better monitoring.
  • Different user-levels/ groups.
  • Easy selection and control of cameras by using location maps (Enterprise Edition only).


  • Existing systems can be integrated.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Suitable for small and large plants.
  • Functions for Enterprise Version are expandable.



  • Different expansions are available for the Enterprise Edition.
  • Additional Clients
  • Monitor Wall Functions
  • SeeTec Video Analysis Modules
  • Encrypted Transmission
  • Patrols
  • Etc.


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