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Thermal Image Camera EC-800-TIC

Thermal Image Camera EC-800-TIC

State-of-the-art Thermal Image Camera with aluminium or stainless steel enclosure



EC-800-TIC-EX-ALU Aluminium Enclosure
EC-800-TIC-EX-SST Stainless Steel Enclosure


  • The Thermal Image Camera's technology allows fast leak detection.
  • The EC-800-TIC is ideal for fast "man overboard" rescue procedures at night on oil rigs and vessels.
  • The Thermal Image Camera EC-800-TIC requires no light source. It ensures excellent image quality even in complete darkness or in extreme weather conditions.


  • The 316 stainless steel is easy to clean and has excellent seawater resistance for on- and offshore applications.
  • The coated aluminium enclosure offers maximum protection at a very light weight.
  • Heated lenses offer protection against condensation and frost.
  • Zone 1, 2


  • IP69K protection allows easy cleaning of extremely soiled cameras by using a high-pressure cleaner.
  • The temperature range of -40°C up to +75°C allows worldwide operation without additional enclosures.
  • Shock and vibration resistant thanks to the special design of the camera.
  • Maintenance-free, pressure-controlled, nitrogen-filled enclosure.


Technical Data

Pan/Tilt Range manual vertical tilt
Weight ALU: 2.9 kg (6.3 lbs)/ SST: 6 kg (13.22 lbs) (incl. 5 m cable)
IP Protection IP68
Zoom  2x and 4x digital zoom
Temperature Range -40°C up to +75°C
Sensor Thermal imager, uncooled VOx microbolometer  
Total Number of Pixels 324 x 256 (pixel size of 25 micron)
Lens 19 mm, viewing angle 24°
Detection Range Up to 450 m (human body heat)
Color Range 4 color ranges
Scene Temperature Range -40°C to +160°C
Video Output PAL / NTSC
Enclosure Stainless steel SS316 or coated aluminium
Shock/Vibration Vibration (4.3 gs three axis, 8 hrs each)
Shock (200 g shock pulse w/ 11 msec saw tooth)
Cable 5.0 m (+0.1)
Certification ATEX and IECEx, further certifications upon request


Accessories EC-800 Series

Terminal Box Terminal box available for EC-800 series, Zone 1, 2, 21, 22
Multicable Multicable, 4 x power cable + 7 x signal cable + 1 x video coaxial cable
Multicable, reinforced, oil + mud resistant, 4 x power cable + 7 x signal cable + 1 x video coaxial cablel
Oil Damper Oil-vibration damper for crane mounting–for vertical positioning of the thermal camera
Available for aluminium or stainless steel version
Video Encoder Axis Video Encoder 
Q7401 1 channel video encoder 
Q7404 4 channel video encoder
further models and brands upon request
Monitors Ex- und Save Area Displays
Ex Wireless Video receiver in aluminium enclosure
Video transmitter in aluminium enclosure
Video Management Systems 
incl. Control Unit (Safe Area)
System solutions for 4, 8, 16 cameras available
Network Solutions (IP) available
Network Software SeeTec


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